Commercial Stone Lends Hands for Local Charity

Give and Gain Day


Commercial Stone were happy to be a part of the ‘Business in the Community’ volunteer initiative called ‘Give and Gain’ at the Matthias Community Garden in Poplar, East London.

Give & Gain Day connects skilled professionals with community organisations by matching them with a volunteering project. Business volunteers help with everything from school sports days to employability workshops for the long term unemployed. Give & Gain Day participants in the UK are part of a global movement of thousands of volunteers across 25 countries as diverse as Spain, Iran, Nigeria and Guatemala.  –

Organised in conjunction with the East London Garden Society, our employees worked alongside other contractors and firms operating in the Canary Wharf area for ‘National Day of Employee Volunteering’ by digging and re-distributing soil and earth, as well as other gardening tasks.

“A successful day of giving back to the local community, great fun to work with other companies in Canary Wharf outside of the main project too!”

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