Special Additions to Crossrail, Canary Wharf

Crossrail DS3 Mall

The new Canary Wharf Crossrail Station Project is one of the biggest projects we have undertaken this year, and we have had many additions to the package along the way.

One of the most recently completed parts of this package includes the DS3 Retail Mall which is a direct link into the new Crossrail Station.

The wall cladding was completed using Italian stone Travertine Este Light with a honed finish, all fixed using stainless steel load bearing brackets and stainless steel restraint fixings.
The floors were installed with Jura Beige 30mm thick limestone from Germany, with Jura Grey 30mm thick perimeter feature bands around the stone. Our works finished with the addition of a bushed stainless steel skirting.

Crossrail Feature Wall

We are approaching full successful completion of the Crossrail ‘Feature Wall’, where Black Kirkby Riven Slate has been installed in random pieces, creating a beautiful and natural staggered effect.

Following a final application of sealant to the slate, this unique addition to our main Crossrail package will also be complete.
When the station opens, take a look at the natural wall and admire the artistic installation.

Crossrail Dock Edge

Works currently on-going in this package is the supply and installation of stone cladding to the Dock Edge at Adam’s Place, Canary Wharf. The stone will modernise and improve the aesthetic of Adam’s Place, fitting in with the new Crossrail Station.

Installation has already begun with Gris Cero stone, 40mm thick flamed granite pieces fixed to the back of the HSBC and Bank of America. Stainless steel load bearing brackets and restraint fixings are being used to hold the stones in place.

As works continue to progress, we are now due for completion of the Dock Edge by mid-February.

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